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Questions tagged [streaming]

Use this tag when asking questions about streaming your game while playing.

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5 votes
3 answers

Are there any alternatives to Livestream and when it comes to streaming games? [closed]

Are there any alternative to Livestream and when it comes to streaming game footage from your PC? I currently use Livestream and it is a pretty good service, I'm just wondering if there are ...
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9 votes
6 answers

How do I live-stream games? [closed]

I want to live-stream some games while I play them. How do I do this? What are the requirements and steps?
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4 votes
8 answers

Streaming fullscreen with Open Broadcaster Software gives black screen

After a long while i figured out how to stream in HD. However, every time I stream in fullscreen, the stream will show a black screen instead. If I stream a game in Windowed mode it will show it ...
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