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Questions tagged [streaming]

Use this tag when asking questions about streaming your game while playing.

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I can't seem to 'Log In' to Geforce Experience?

I have an Nvidia Shield tablet and when I try to gamestream, it tells me to log in to the GeForce Experience. When I go to GeForce Experience on my laptop I don't see the 'Log in' button next to ...
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Streaming web based controller games with Steam

I want to be able to stream web based games from my PC. I created a Chrome shortcut in Steam which loads the site I want in kiosk mode (fullscreen with no address bar or browser menus). I tried ...
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Forcing games to run in exclusive fullscreen mode (for nVidia Share/GameStream)

nVidia Share requires games to be run in exclusive fullscreen mode (it cannot be borderless windowed) to be able to work. Is there a way for me to force games without the option to run in exclusive ...
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Livestream no longer working on Black Ops 2 on PS3

My livestream on Black Ops 2 for PS3 is no longer working. I tried to livestream, it allowed me to for short periods of time for like two days. Now whenever I try to, it doesn't let me at all. Both my ...
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Xbox 360 Steering Wheel on Xbox One

I recently decided to start playing racing games again but of course my old 360 steering wheel won't connect to my Xbox One. Found out there was a work around by streaming through windows 10 so I ...
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How can I use a headset for in game chat when streaming a game from my XBox One to my Windows 10 PC?

I recently upgraded my PC to Windows 10 and started using the game streaming feature. It works great! I'd like to be able to talk to other players using a headset. Is it possible to talk to other ...
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VR footage is shaky

I've been streaming+recording my HL:Alyx gameplay to friends, and noticed that the footage that OBS gets from the game directly is very shaky. Im using Meta-quest 2 headset connected via steamlink to ...
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Is it possible to stream to the same Xbox One from two different Windows 10 machine?

I don't have a second machine to test this with, but would this be possible? I am thinking I could log into Windows with different accounts and stream to the Xbox one with the said accounts. This ...
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Can't record Old Game with sound with MSI Afterburner

I have an old PC game called Midtown Madness 2, an old 2000 game, that I desperately want to record to make a Machinima. No recording program could record without rendering issues. I tried several ...
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Stream games from PC to TV (no cable) at more than 60 frames per second

Is there any way to stream games from PC to TV wirelessly at 120+ FPS? I couldn't find any on the internet.. I saw moonlight/SteamLink and even Nvidia shield are capped at 60 if I'm not mistaking. ...
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