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Questions tagged [street-fighter-series]

For questions related to Street Fighter as a whole, instead of a specific game.

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What Version of Street Fighter 2 comes packaged in the SNES Mini?

So I just purchased a SNES mini, with the intent of going back and playing the old street fighter 2 game. I tried googling tips on how to play my character, and I quickly realized there was a lot more ...
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Which titles are included in Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection looks like a pretty comprehensive collection, but what I can't seem to find is a list of the Street Fighter titles it includes. I read that the lineup may ...
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arcade sf2a: akuma Shun Goku Satsu

I can pull akuma's Shun Goku Satsu (3special, lp, lp, r, lk, hp) easily on psx, but trying now on mame with a USB controller I got zero out of a thousand. is this somewhat different to pull on the ...
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Does Ultra Street Fighter 2 (Switch) support local multiplayer on the same screen?

Are two Nintendo Switch consoles needed to play locally Ultra Street Fighter 2 with a friend? Or is it possible to play on the same screen? In that case can each player use a single Joy-Con, or does ...
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Should I Cross-Up Combo Stunned Opponents for more Damage?

It has always been my understanding that in classic Street Fighter (ie. no focus attacks or extensive damage-scaling) and similar games that cross-up jump-ins (in addition to potentially forcing a ...
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Street Fighter 1 Hadoken

Are there and if so what are the key combinations to perform the hadoken and the "multiple flying kicks" in Street Fighter 1?
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What's a tier list?

These days I've been trying to play SSF4:AE and SFxT a bit more seriously (I'm a pure beginner in versus fighting games). There are a bunch of things I don't understand at all, but while watching a ...
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Does Ryu have an official surname?

I searched for Ryu's lastname and found that it is "Hoshi", but somehow I get the feeling this is only used in the "crappy" movie Street Fighter. Here are the sources I have found so far: Wikia, ...
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What does "shoto" stand for?

I'm far from beeing a pro in Street Fighter (and even more in fighting games), but in Street Fighter articles, tests or web-comics, this "shoto" term seems to appear a lot. Since Wikipedia didn't ...
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What level does the winner start on?

In the arcade version of Street Fighter II, when a challenger beats the current player who has a game in progress, what level does the challenger start off at? Does the challenger restart or continue ...
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What do Ken and Ryu say when they do their special moves?

I know the there's hadōken (波動拳, wave-motion fist) for the ball of fire/plasma. Does anyone know what they say for the jumping uppercut and the helicopter kick? If the words changed over time, I'm ...
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What is the fighting engine like in Street Fighter X Tekken?

Is the fighting style of Street Fighter X Tekken be that of Street Fighter which is more fast paced or will it be more like Tekken which is more slower and more "realistic"?
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Can E. Honda move forward in Street Fighter 2 for SNES while doing the Hundred Hand Slap?

My colleague and I are having a debate as to whether or not he could move forward while performing the Hundred Hand Slap in the original Street Fighter II?
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How to block attacks in Street Fighter 3?

In playing Street Fighter 3 (3rd strike), I see the opponents blocking my attacks all the time so it doesn't do any damage. What buttons do I need to press to do this myself? (i.e high punch, med ...
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How can I properly perform a move with a full circle instruction?

When I try to perform Zangief's Super attack, I need to perform a full circle movement of the joystick. I am not very experienced with performing such actions and when I try it I end up jumping ...
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In what version of the Street Fighter series did Sagat first become playable?

I remember the first Street Fighter, Sagat was a boss where he got his chest scar from Ryu's finishing Shoryuken. But in which of the Street Fighter series did Sagat first become playable?
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