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How do you discover combos in SFV

If I wanted to learn a character in SFV (or any fighting game, really), how should I go about discovering new combos (without the use of videos). Should I be looking at frame data?
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Will I get the season 1 and 2 characters with the free Arcade Edition update?

Will I get the season 1 and 2 characters for free with the free Arcade Edition update? I just want to know whether I can get the content for free if I wait for the update.
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What does F.A.N.G.'s name stand for?

What does F.A.N.G.'s name stand for? According to the wiki his nickname for mastering the art of poison attacks is "the Fang of the Nguuhao". So while it could be possible that F.A.N.G. is simply ...
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Street Fighter VAE - How do I preconfig trial settings by editing game files?

In Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition PC version, I would like to change the preset Trial mode settings so that it would: repeat every trial and only moves to another trial when I set it show keys ...
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Remove interface in the replay in Street Fighter V

How can I remove the whole interface when I watch a replay in Street Fighter V (the box with the "replay" text included)?
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Street Fighter V won't let me sign in

When I launch the game (steam), this message pops up: "Gameplay will continue in offline mode. You must log in again to the server to use network functions." I have had the game for 3 days, ...
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How to unlock colors 14 and 15?

I can see colors 11-12-13 in the shop for everyone, but I have seen online that there are supposed to be 5 new colors in the shop for each character. Are they just coming with the zenny shop along ...
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Can my friend play Street Fighter V online from shared library?

I willingly gave out my Steam info to my friend so we can share my library and he can play Hitman 2. What I want to know is if he could also play SFV online if the game is in my library or does he ...
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How to quick rise in Street Fighter V?

How do I perform a quick rise? I know that I can either press down, or down back - or ppp or kkk - but when? What is the time frame for this to occur? And when can I not quick rise? Is that on what ...
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