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'Subnautica: Below Zero' is the sequel to Subnautica, both developed by Unknown Worlds. It was released after a 2-year open beta on 22 May 2021 and takes place in a polar region of the planet 4546B, after the events of the original game and expands the story arc. It is an open-world, first-person, swimming, resource-gathering, building and survival game. There is more land based play than the original, but still includes deep water (and leviathans!).

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Subnautica Below Zero not responding when playing on PC with Xbox Series controller

Usually I am able to play games on my PC using my Xbox Series controller via Bluetooth. But with this game, it does not seem to work, except when switching from the keyboard/mouse to the controller, ...
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Can you open the doors of the Koppa Mining Site?

I'm exploring the Koppa Mining Site in Subnautica: Below Zero, and there are two giant closed doors in the first large room. There appear to be fish and resources beyond those doors, as well as fully ...
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