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Is it possible to collect 110 coins on Bombarded by Bob-ombs?

In Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3, the e-Reader stage Bombarded by Bob-ombs has a strange coin-shaped block at the start that I've never seen before. Hitting the block adds a counter that ...
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How to quickly score 5,000,000 points in Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3?

I completed all the levels of Super Mario Advance 4, but in order to get 5 stars on the title screen, the game requires you to score 5,000,000 points. How can I achieve this in the fastest possible ...
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Super Mario Advance 4: "You can only load this game once" message

In Super Mario Advance 4, what does the message mean when you try to save a game and it says "you can only load this game once"?
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What is the difference between "Super Mario Advance 4/Super Mario Bros 3" and "Super Mario Advance" on the Game Boy Advance SP?

I am wondering because it seems that some GBA games were released that copied the "concept" of "Super Mario All Stars" on the Super Nintendo, which is to redesign classic games and resell them for a ...
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