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A collaboration between Square Soft and Nintendo, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is an action-RPG game staring Mario for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was the first game that let players play as Bowser as well.

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Do "timed hits" with the X button in Super Mario RPG influence the likelihood of freebies?

A "timed hit" in Super Mario RPG consists of pressing the Attack (A) or Defend (B) buttons just before a hit lands; this results in an attack doing more damage, or incoming damage being ...
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Accidentally sold the Troopa pin. How do I get it back?

So I accidentally sold the Troopa pin while playing with emulator on PS3. Is there any way I can get it back on the same run? Maybe buy it back from a seller or something?
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Why does Mario fall face forward right when he meets Mallow in Super Mario RPG?

I don't understand if there's an inside joke or something I'm not getting, but right when Mario meets Mallow in Mushroom Kingdom when he starts crying after Croc steals his frog coin, when Mario ...
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Do dead allies gain experience?

In Super Mario RPG, do dead allies gain experience? Typically in SquareEnix (then Square) games, dead allies receive no XP. But in this game, the victory pose at the end of the battle includes all ...
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Are the Nimbus people related to any other cloud entities?

After seeing this question, I began to wonder if the Nimbus race were featured in any other Mario games. I can see a common cloud theme throughout Mario games ranging from background clouds with eyes ...
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Are Mallow and Geno unique to Super Mario RPG?

Are Mallow and Geno unique to Super Mario RPG? Not so much Mallow, but Geno was very unique and I was wondering if he made any other appearances in other games. Super Mario Galaxy would be one of the ...
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Can you get into Mario RPG's Debug Room on the Wii Virtual Console?

I saw this video which showed Mario RPG's debug room and thought I'd go try it out. Either I've got the wrong idea about what triggers the debug room or it doesn't work for the Wii.
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Tips for 100 Super Jump challenge to get Super Suit

I want that damn leather jacket! Does anyone have any tips outside of 'the timing changes' or 'save state using an emulator' to complete the 100 Super Jump quest?
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Do you earn anything by finding all hidden chests?

The treasure chest monster in Monstro Town will let you know how many hidden chests there are to find in the game. Do you get anything from him (or from anybody) by finding them all?
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How do you get the Pipe Vault Frog Coin under the block in plain sight?

There's a Frog Coin in the Pipe Vault stage of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars that is in plain sight, but under a block that Mario cannot duck under. How do you get this coin?
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