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AKA Metroid 3, an SNES game. Like previous installments, there is an emphasis on exploration, and finding power-ups to help in battle and enable further exploration.

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"checksum bad" error loading rom with hack Snes9x

I have been using the Snes9x emulator to run Super Metroid for some years now. Today, I discovered hacks and have been experimenting with Hyper Metroid, for example. I have downloaded Lunar IPS to ...
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In Super Metroid, is jumping after running not just as fast as running on the ground?

I see some of the top speedrunners trying to minimize time in the air. For example, in the second room of Ceres station, and in the beginning of Parlor. Why do they do this? I would assume that as ...
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In Super Metroid, how do you "Kago" through falling platforms?

Super Metroid speedrunners "Kago" through the first falling platform in Wasteland. How do they do this? I've tried running into the spikes and doing as short a hop ...
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In Super Metroid speedrunning, which backup Super Missiles are fastest to obtain?

Background I'm learning to speedrun Super Metroid (Any%). Runners following the old route (KPDR, i.e. Kraid-Phantoon-Draygon-Ridley) as well as the new route (PRKD) both obtain two super missiles ...
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Which items are essential to finish the game?

Super Metroid is interesting in that it is linear in some places and non-linear in other places, providing the player a fair bit of freedom in how to work through the game. I know some items are ...
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How do I do the wall jump in Super Metroid?

I have always had a problem with the wall jump in Super Metroid. Is there some trick to getting it to work? As a kid, when I got to the pit in Brinstar where the etecoons try to teach you to wall ...
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Super Metroid Grappling Beam Challenge

Now that I've found the Grappling Beam in Super Metroid, I'm going back through old areas to collect upgrades I couldn't get before. One place in Norfair that really caught my attention is only ...
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