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Why does Jigglypuff get KO'd if her shield breaks? [closed]

AFAIK, in SSB64 Jigglypuff never had this sort of "feature". When her shield broke, she got put into a stun animation. It seems like that from Brawl? onwards, this addition of her instantly rocketing ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Where does the term "sex kick" come from?

According to the SmashWiki, a sex kick is an aerial attack in which a foot or arm remains extended for a few moments after the initial thrust. The origin is claimed as: The term was coined by ...
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19 votes
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What does it mean to "shff fh nair into knee?"

I was reading a Smash Ultimate combo guide and someone told me that the best Captain Falcon combo is: shff fh nair into knee What on earth are they trying to say? And is it even a real thing? Are ...
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Which Zelda and Link are featured in the Super Smash Bros. series?

Zelda and Link, from the Legend of Zelda series, are reincarnated characters. From adventure to adventure, thousands of years may have passed, so the two characters are never actually the same person ...
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