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Questions tagged [super-street-fighter-iv-3d-edition]

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition (2011) is a port of the console Super Street Fighter IV for the Nintendo 3DS, taking advantage of some of the extended functionality of the platform, including using the touch screen to activate super and ultra combos. Use this tag for the 3DS version of Super Street Fighter IV only. For questions about the non-3DS version of Super Street Fighter IV, use the appropriate tag.

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How do I deal with auto block users?

Extremely annoying to deal with. I've tried using throws, focus attacks, and spd's, and these work well on D level opponents, but once you get into C and above, it seems nearly every player uses ...
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What do SC and UC mean in the figure details?

Each figure for SSF IV 3D has "SC" and "UC" stats below "AT" (which I assume is Attack). What do these stats mean for a StreetPass Battle, and can I improve them?
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Passwords in SuperStreetFighter4 3DS: What's your ID for? [closed]

I've seen a lot of questions/answers on passwords, but what the ID is for? Are passwords ok for everybody and ID has no use?
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Can anyone give me some tips for Super Street Figher 4 on 3DS?

No matter which character I pick (Arcade Mode), I can never get past the 3rd challenger. I feel like I must be missing some major element that is causing me to just always lose. I block, I attack, I ...
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What are passwords in the 3DS version of SSF4 for?

What are they? How are they used? What kind of dark magic is this?!
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