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Looking Glass Studios's 1994 first-person action-adventure for DOS and Mac: you are an unnamed hacker in a cyberpunk 2072 fighting an evil artificial intelligence. It is known for its true 3D environments and broad range of player motions. It has a sequel.

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How to enable the lift to Engineering in Executive?

I'm in Executive trying to take the lift to Engineering but it is disabled and the PA says: "Elevator disabled. Biohazard emergency." I already went to the three groves and disabled the ...
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Is there a special game over in System Shock 1 final boss fight?

I have a vague recollection that if you failed in the SHODAN boss fight at the end of System Shock 1, you didn't get the standard Cortex Reaver game over video but something else instead. Is this ...
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Can you change the difficulty settings in System Shock after you start the game?

I'm finding that I don't like the difficulty options I chose at the start of System Shock. Is it possible to change them part-way through the game, either via an in-game option or even possibly by ...
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System Shock 1 (disc)-Difficulty Options

I am a little confused on the System Shock 1 (disc)'s difficulty options. Can someone go in-depth to what each option means? I couldn't find much online.
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How is the code to the first keypad door in System Shock supposed to be found?

In System Shock, on floor 1, the first locked door with the keypad right next to it requires a three digit code, which I know to be 451 due to searching online. However, my question is, how is the ...
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Can I understand and play System Shock 2 without playing the original title or knowing much about it?

I saw that System Shock 2 was on sale at GOG, and got interested. Can I realistically play the game and follow on the plot without prior playing of the original? How connected are they?
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How do I get to the surgery machine on level R of System Shock 1?

On level R (the lowest floor) of System Shock 1, there's a surgery machine clearly visible near the anti-radiation chamber. It's blocked only by a force door, as seen on the screenshot below. I have ...
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How do I get into the area blocked by force bridges on level 7 of System Shock 1?

In System Shock 1, on level 7, there's an area in the middle that is blocked by force bridges. See the screenshot below and in particular note the map MFD in the lower right: What you see here is the ...
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Are there any examples of recreating SHODAN's voice effect?

All of this Portal 2 talk has caused me to return to System Shock 2 to hear SHODAN. Are there any tutorials detailing how that voice effect was made?
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Increase mouse pointer speed in System Shock Portable

I'm running System Shock Portable v1.2 and when I increase the resolution to 1024x768 or higher the mouse pointer speed slows down incredibly making the game nearly unplayable (I have to move my mouse ...
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