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Tabletop Simulator is an independent video game that allows players to play and create tabletop games in a multiplayer physics sandbox.

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How do I change an object's preferred rotation?

I'm working on improving an existing Tabletop Simulator mod. It includes an object with a custom model, which will be moved around by the players. Players also need to be able to rotate the object, to ...
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Deck.split() weirdness

So, I'm trying to take a deck of cards, split it into piles, and then shuffle one each of another stack of cards into the piles. The split() function is perfect, as I want the piles to end up 90* to ...
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How to find or replace lost item?

I accidentally tossed an important item off the table. For whatever reason it didn't reappear on the middle of the table. Maybe I put it into a bag accidentally. Is there any way to find or recreate ...
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What does the "eye" control in picture in picture mode do?

In tabletop simulator there is a "picture in picture" tool. One of the controls is an "eye" icon, but I have no idea what it actually does. Does anyone know what this control does?
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How can I make my custom model less shiny in Tabletop Simulator?

I imported a model and UV map to Tabletop Simulator, but the model looks way too shiny. How can I make it less reflective like many of the models that I find on the Workshop?
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How do I create custom dominoes in Table Top Simulator?

How Dominoes are Different From Other Pieces In the game, there are domino objects. The main difference (mechanically) between dominoes and other objects is in their vertical rotation snap: when a ...
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