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How To Set The Language of The Subtitles in Tales from the Borderlands

I bought "Tales from the Borderlands" just yesterday. There was an update today and now suddenly the subtitles are German with no visible option to change them to any other language. I checked the "...
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What happens if fewer than three team members are available?

At the end of chapter 5, you get to assemble a team. I had nearly everyone available, thanks to my actions in game. What happens if I piss everyone off and nobody is left at the end? Does the final ...
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7 votes
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If I buy a second hand copy of a Telltale game do I get all episodes?

The common format for Telltale games is that the game is released in episodes. You can either buy the episodes individually or acquire a "season pass", which will grant all the episodes as they are ...
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Is it Possible to get the Tales from the Borderlands Series on Disc?

So far, I have purchased the Game of the Year Editions for Borderlands & Borderlands 2, and am preparing to buy Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel very shortly. However, I cannot find Tales from the ...
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How to get all the vault team members in Tales from the Borderlands?

My team consisted of additonal three members: Cassius Athena August Yet it is shown that there could have been more. How do I get the possibility to recruit them all?
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