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Tanki-Online is a free multi-player game based on Adobe Flash by AlternativaPlatform.

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How to efficiently quickscope using Shaft

In my hours spent playing Sandbox CTF, I have only ever seen 2 shafts (which didn't switch equipment within 2 minutes of joining). They would drive parallel to the wall, scoping just before passing ...
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Play TankiOnline on the desktop [duplicate]

There is a game called TankiOnline. The website is This game is played using Adobe Flash. My question is, how can I play this game on the desktop, instead of going through a web ...
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Sniping places in Berlin?

Berlin has taken TDM by storm these days, and I see it frequently. Can someone please post where are the best shaft sniping places there? I am a M0 shaft that uses a M0 Viking and an M1 Mammoth, but ...
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