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a 1994 fighting game by Namco. Players compete in the 'Iron First' tournament, engaging in hand-to-hand combat with a variety of fighting styles across a diverse cast of characters. Use this tag for the original Tekken game. For questions about the series, please use [tekken-series]

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What specific types of Chinese Martial arts Does Ling Xiaoyu use in the Tekken series?

What specific types of Chinese Martial arts Does Ling Xiaoyu use in the Tekken series? I know it says she uses "hekka" based martial arts but which martial arts does Ling use?
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Does the digital copy of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 include an online pass?

Currently there is a digital promotion on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for only 3.99GBP on the UK psn store. I am wondering though. Does this include an online pass? The description says that this is the ...
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Tekken versions with Tekken Bowl [closed]

On my old playstation 2 i loved to play the mini game Tekken Bowl in the original Tekken Tag Tournament. Is there any newer (also on other consoles) version of Tekken this mini game is implemented?
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How do you unlock people in Tekken Revolution?

How do I unlock new characters? I want Eliza, Nina, Dragunov, and Bob? How do I unlock these people? Would it be free? I have 10915 gift points, and 60 blood seals.
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Any strategy tips for Tekken 1?

As a next step in my recent retro-revival adventure I picked up Tekken 1. I've never played it before because I've never owned a Playstation and I'm currently playing it on PC using an emulator and ...
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What character playstyle most resembles Bryan Fury in Tekken?

More specifically, I like to be able to engage very quickly and very powerfully if my opponent makes a mistake. In the meantime, I like methodically advancing my position and dealing good, safe damage ...
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Tekken 6/fighting games general strategy against button mashers

I'm a hardcore gamer, I can dominate casual gamers in pretty much every game to the point that they'll become frustrated. Not that I'd do that, I don't want them to dislike playing games with me. But ...
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