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Teleglitch is a top-down roguelike taking place in an abandoned and monster-infested research base on a distant planet.

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Should I immediately eat any cans of meat I find laying around?

Cans of meat raise your health 10 points, up to a maximum of 150. If my health is < 141 is there any reason to not eat the canned meat as soon as I find it?
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How to get past level 4?

I've been playing the old teleglitch for a while and easily got to level 5 and as best level 8. Since Die More I've yet to finish level 4. So far I've put about 8 hours into die more. What kills me ...
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What elements of Teleglitch are random?

Being a roguelike, teleglitch has an element of randomness to each playthrough. As I'm thinking about planning my next run I want to know if I should skip certain map sections I'm familiar with. What ...
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What's a good melee strategy for Teleglitch?

Melee weapons seem pretty strong against basic zombies (?) in teleglitch, I feel like I could save a lot more of my ammo for the bigger monsters if I could kill smaller things more consistently with ...
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