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Questions tagged [terraria]

A 2011 2D action-adventure/RPG, developed by Re-Logic. Use this tag for the PC version.

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Arena design for events in Terraria

I would like to ask how can an Arena be built to maximise the amount of kills (especially of Stronger Mobs) for timed events like Frost Moon and Pumpkins Moon. Since these events last only for the ...
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Chests won't open in Terraria

My personal chests in Terraria stopped opening; only the new chests I place I can open. Does anyone know why this happened and how I can fix it?
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What's the worst a world can be corrupted at the start?

What's the worst a world can be corrupted at the start? I have a Celebrationmk10 world, that seems to be covered with a lot of Crimson, but I wonder if it's as bad as I think or if just the surface is ...
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Disable AFK timer on Terraria server

I'm playing on a Terraria server with some friends, (it's a dedicated server hosted on Linux if that helps) and one of my friends has an AFK mob farm, but the problem is Terraria has an AFK timer that ...
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What is the smallest possible hoik

I am trying to make an engine with a hoik loop. I know how to make a hoik loop, but cannot seem to work out how to meet the smallest one possible. I need to know the smallest possible hoik loop What ...
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How do I start a Terraria server on Ubuntu 12.04?

I installed Mono on my Ubuntu 12.04 server with the following commands: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 3FA7E0328081BFF6A14DA29AA6A19B38D3D831EF echo "deb http:/...
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Is there any way I can play multiplayer Terraria on a single display on the Steam Deck?

I either want to play split screen on a TV or use a mod that keeps all players in view of the camera kind of like in Super Smash Bros. I found Nucleus co-op for Windows but dual booting on my main PC ...
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Cultists aren't spawning and nothing worked

I tried reloading, killing Golem again,removing walls from the outer dungeon entrance, finishing all the events I had at the time, everything, and nothing worked. And I'm playing on console so they ...
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Why can I still see my tmodloader files even though I deleted them with check integrity

I tried fixing a problem with my Terraria mods by checking integrity of game files and now my mod files are "ghost files". My original problem was when trying to log on after loading the vanilla ...
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Fix Terraria Choppy Lag Slowness During Single Player on macOS OS X

See here for a GIF showing the behavior. I'm on a brand new world, brand new character, on macOS Sierra 10.12.2. When I try to walk around, the game is completely unplayable because the game freezes ...
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Terraria Tablet Controls on a PC

Is it possible to add Terraria-Mobile-style controls into Terraria PC, using mods, a third-party program over Terraria or otherwise? I'm asking this since someone I play Terraria with has a Windows ...
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Incomplete translation in Terraria

I'm trying to play Terraria in French, but for some reason not all the text seems to be translated. For example, some items have their French names, while others have their English names. The weird ...
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Recovering lost tutorial pick, wand etc

I'm playing Terraria with the Super Terraria World mod. I drowned after reaching the boat from the tutorial island. I can't find the items that I lost and I can't return to the beginning to get them ...
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Why is Terraria having frame-rate and game-play issues?

A friend and I are trying to play Terraria, but we are having issues. Whenever we play it, our game tends to have terrible frame rate drops and the game slowing down incredibly, to the point of it ...
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Terraria LAN connection issue

So me and my Sister were playing Terraria ( the LAN connection just fine, Until it randomly stopped working and now whenever we try to connect to each other's worlds we get stuck on the ...
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Terraria Calamity mod - Permadeath in boss fight

I was playing Terraria with Calamity mod in Death Mode and all my death worked like normal deaths on softcore, but when i died in my first boss figth it was a permadeath. I hadn't used Iron Heart. Do ...
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Terraria character gone missing?

A few days ago my friends invited me to a server in Terraria with them, as I had the most knowledge out of them, and as such I made a new character in order to make it fair. A few days of playing on ...
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How do I install and use T-modLoader?

I've always wanted to install mods to my Terraria game, but I have no idea how to use or install T-ModLoader. How do I install and use T-ModLoader?
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How do I join a Terraria server?

I need to join a Terraria server in multiplayer ( but when I enter the server port (7777), and click accept, it doesn't do anything. Nothing happens at all. ...
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