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A tile-based puzzle game, where a sequence of blocks fall into the game area, and must be matched into a line in order to score points/clear the blocks.

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How do I get the space shuttle launch in Game Boy Tetris?

I've been playing Tetris on the virtual Game Boy console on my Nintendo Switch. As a kid, with an actual Game Boy, I remember getting to see a space shuttle launch after doing well enough on an A-Type ...
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How does the leveling system on tetris work?

I understand it may change depending on the game, but according to the wiki: and following the Guideline scoring system they have there, I'd like to know how much ...
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To what extent is Tetris (on Game Boy) a game of luck?

I've been playing the original Tetris port for the original Game Boy, on the very same original Game Boy, on and off, for the last 30 years. Lately, I've been playing daily, in the bathroom, and have ...
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Does the original Game Boy game "Tetris" have a battery memory inside the cartridge?

When I was a kid, I traded my NES for a Game Boy with a sketchy kid in school. He essentially scammed me into believing that I was gonna get tons of games, but when we got home to my house, he just ...
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What is a sustainable way of stacking?

In modern Tetris, there is a system of piece randomization that takes a bag of seven pieces, and takes them out of a bag so that there is an even frequency of each piece. How can I use this fact to ...
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In the NES version of Tetris, how much faster is a soft drop?

In terms of frames, how much faster is a soft drop in Tetris for the NES? Like, on level 0, the piece moves down one cell every 48 frames. When you soft drop the piece, is there a specific equation ...
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What's the difference between A-Type game and B-Type game?

This question is about the NES Tetris, USA version. In the main menu of the Tetris, you can choose between A-Type and B-Type. I know that it changes the ending (A-Type, B-Type), but am wondering if ...
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What is this original version of Tetris called?

I'd like to play the original Tetris I played near the end of the 80's, the Arcade game: Does anyone know exactly what this version of Tetris is called?
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ARTetriCAN is a Tetris variant for Android devices. Does it require access to a color printer?

ARTetriCAN is a free-and-open-source augmented-reality Tetris variant for Android devices. You print out a target label, wrap it around a can or bottle, and use your Android device to play an ...
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Fastest way to move pieces across?

In NullpoMino, is it better/faster to: hold the ← or → key, until the piece hits the wall, and then tap the ← or → keys to move back away from the wall to the required position, or tap the ← or → key ...
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How Do Wall Kicks Work In Tetris Friends?

I am trying to program a Tetris clone based very closely off of Tetris Friends 2 Player Battle mode. Is anyone very familiar with how wall kicks work in this game? Or know where to find reference ...
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What on earth is a T-Spin

What on earth is a TSpin? Or a T-Spin Single? Or a T-Spin Double or Triple? I have never known but I keep getting them left right and centre. Please help me out!
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7 votes
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Consistent ST stacking and T-spin

I've got tired of playing tetris like a trained money (just filling up the screen until I can't anymore and then sending combos) so I have it in mind to play by the strategy outlined here. I like the ...
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In Tetris Battle, how do you "overwhelm your opponent"?

In Tetris Battle on Facebook, by some condition, the game tells you that you've "overwhelmed your opponent", and it grants you two stars rather than one. What is that condition?
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Is the determination of which tetris block comes next random?

This is a question I've had since I first played this game, maybe twenty years ago. I would say that it is random, given the nature of the game. However in my experience; the O-blocks never come alone ...
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Is it possible to change the keyboard controls in Emacs Tetris?

I would like to change the keyboard controls for Emacs Tetris. Is this possible?
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What strategies are critical to winning a Tetris DS tournament?

In addition to basic Tetris play, what strategies are critical to winning Tetris DS in tournament play (items on, best two out of three)?
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Tetris Difficulty

I had a discussion with a friend about Tetris where we quibbled about how it got more difficult as the levels progressed. His assertion was that it had only to do with the amount of time given to work ...
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