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This tag should be used for any question that's about the Demoman class from Team Fortress 2, Valve's free-to-play team-based multiplayer shooter.

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How are damage resistances calculated in tf2 MVM?

Do weapon damage upgrades stack with purchased damage resistances? How is crit damage calculated with resistance upgrades? Which upgrades should we upgrade first?
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How can I avoid fall damage while Sticky-jumping?

I have seen many tutorials on how to sticky jump effectively. I have been able to go great distances with the sticky jumper, however I an unable to stop fall damage. There aren't any thorough YouTube ...
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How far do I need to sticky-jump for the 'Highland Fling' achievement?

I've been trying to earn the achievement 'Highland Fling' by sticky-jumping as far as I can, however the description is a little vague as to how far I need to travel: So how far exactly do I need to ...
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How do I smash open a Bottle?

In TF2, I noticed that you can smash open the Demoman's Bottle when this tip showed up: The Demoman's Bottle does the same amount of damage regardless of whether it is smashed open or not. However,...
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Does the Iron Bomber's projectile travel faster than the stock?

For some reason I can't quite place my hand on, the Iron Bomber's projectile seems to travel much faster than a normal pill the stock grenade launcher. Is this a placebo? Does the Iron Bomber's ...
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As a Demoman, how can I deal with ambush classes like the Pyro and Scout?

Having had very little experience with the Demoman,I'm trying to practice with him in all situations (i.e. up close, medium-range, and from afar). I know that the Demoman is best from a medium range (...
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What type of kill do I need to get a fully recharged charge meter with the Tide Turner?

I checked the patch notes recently on the new Tide Turner, and according to the notes, shield bash kills are now supposed to recharge your meter as well as kills from the critical hit with your sword. ...
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Why don't some demomen suffer from afterburn?

I've noticed lately (maybe the last couple of months), playing as Pyro, that sometimes I'll light a demoman on fire and he doesn't suffer any afterburn. As soon as I stop hitting him with flames, they ...
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Can a Demoman's charge be back blasted?

With the Chargin' Targe or the Splendid Screen the Demoman can charge causing a variety of effects, but mostly propelling the Demoman forward. Recently while playing Hightower I charged a Pyro while ...
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How to charge the grenade launcher of Demoman?

When I was playing Team Fortress 2 I got to charge the grenade launcher of the Demoman class. When I hold the left button, Demoman puts a lot of ammo on the launcher and release them all at once. But ...
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How can I effectively airshot enemies?

How can I effectively airshot enemies (i.e., hitting them while they are in midair) as a Pyro, a Soldier, and a Demoman? I find it hard to predict where enemies will travel in midair. Are there ...
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17 votes
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How do you properly sticky jump?

I've taken a sticky jumper for a test run from the store as I have to admit I'm not really good at sticky jumping. (It also makes a great combo with the pain train for back capping purposes.) What I ...
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How does the demoman charge?

I've read some of the demoman's weapon descriptions, and some of them affect "charge rates". How do you do it? I saw some players doing what I think was a charge (running fast to perform a melee ...
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Is the Scottish Resistance useful in TF2?

Is the Demo man's high capacity Scottish Resistance sticky bomb thrower useful in TF2? What tactics does it encourage, and what does it discourage?
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What is strafe jumping?

I've seen people rocket and sticky jump, but make incredible turns in the air. In Team Fortress 2, for example, I've seen people on 2Fort jump out of one side of the battlements, do a 180, and land ...
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