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The 7th Guest is an interactive movie puzzle adventure game created by Trilobyte released in 1993.

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What year did Henry Stauf first dream of the doll?

In the game The 7th Guest, Henry Stauf is described as "a drifter, moving from town to town robbing a gas station here, a grocery store there, until one night..." and I was wondering if there was any ...
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Difficulty installing The 7th Guest on DOSBox

I am having difficulty running a game using DOSBox. The problem begins after I begin the installation. It runs through fine, until it asks which drive I would like to copy the files to. It only shows ...
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Has The 7th Guest entered the public domain?

I know that Trilobyte, the creators of The 7th Guest, went out of business some time ago. Has their work entered the public domain in some way? If not, who owns the copyright for their works?
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