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A 3rd person, action and tactical game, set in 1962, the birth of XCOM. Developed by 2K Marine and published by 2K Games.

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Can you change difficulty mid-playthrough in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified?

At the start of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified I'm asked to pick a difficulty level. Is it possible to change the difficulty mid-playthrough after starting?
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Difference between backpacks with same ability

I noticed that are many backpacks with similar abilities but with something extra. For instance Gunner Pack: Reduces damage from enemy attacks + increases magazine size for all weapons, allowing ...
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Do the character interactions have any effect on the game?

While playing the bureau you can interact with characters in different ways. For example there is the side quest where you can talk to the comms officer about the radio transmission. During this ...
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Do I need to equip the weapon to make it available for the next missions?

While playing the mission Operation: Grifter, I found the laser pistol on the floor. Will it be available on the next missions if I don't finish this mission with the pistol?
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How can I solve the last Battle on Commander Difficulty?

I am having real issues beating the last battle. It goes fine until the 2 mutons and all the minion commanders show up and at that point, I am often already out of ammo. Due to their jump ability, ...
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How to get my hat back on?

On the middle of the first mission, while fighting aliens, I lost my hat. Now I've ended the mission, thinking it would come back, but no, I still don't have it. Is there a way to get my hat back?
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Doctor Heinrich's aiming device

When you encounter doctor Heinrich for the first time he mentions creating a device that helps you aim. And that you should test it out on the shooting range. Naturally, I got nothing and going to the ...
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What's the timeframe of the invasion in Bureau: XCOM Declassified?

How long does the alien invasion take in Bureau: XCOM Declassified? There seem to be many alien buildings constructed on Earth already when you attack them, so where did they find the time to build ...
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What do I do with the stunner on my wrist?

I was given a wrist attachment that's supposed to be a stunner of some kind. I was also told that when I come across a case when its needed I will be told, except I haven't come across that situation ...
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Is it worth killing the drop pods?

Enemies teleport in using the drop pods, so is it worth destroying the drop pods whilst the enemies are spawning? Will destroying the pod prevent further waves from spawning?
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How do you defeat the Sectopod on Commander Difficulty?

I have real issues defeating the Sectopod on Commander Difficulty while trying to rescue the scientist from the University ( first major assignment ). My weapons seem not to do any significant damage ...
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The Bureau is not giving me any missions any more

After doing 1 major mission, Codebreaker DLC Mission and several minor missions, as well as agent dispatches, I am not getting any missions any more. The Director is not in his Bureau, so I cannot ...