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The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall is an open world fantasy role-playing game. It is the second installment in The Elder Scrolls series.

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Daggerfall Unity crashes after I exit first dungeon after I installed few graphic mods?

Hi I just installed few mods to Daggerfall Unity using Vortex mod manager. My game just loads and crash after I exit first dungeon (Privateer's Hold). List of mods installed: D.R.E.A.M. - A) DREAM ...
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How are skill increases calculated?

If you use a skill enough times, then that skill increases the next time that you rest, assuming you've waited long enough since your last skill increase. What I want to know is exactly how the ...
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How long is a "round" in Daggerfall?

When using the Spell Maker in Daggerfall, spell duration is listed in "rounds", rather than seconds or minutes. Exactly how long is a round? I haven't been able to find any direct explanation ...
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Where do I return the quest item to join the Thieves Guild?

I started the quest to join the thieves guild in Daggerfall. I did not read the note from the clothing pile, how do I know where to return the item to what city?
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Can't get past character creation

I have just started playing Daggerfall, but I can't get past creating my character. This is where I am up to: I have tried pressing everything but I can't continue. What should I do?
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In Daggerfall, where can I get mithril?

I've been encountering some daedra and other creatures in dungeons -- my steel dai-katana isn't cutting it any more. I know that you need dwarven or better for enemies like harpies, and mithril or ...
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Does Bethesda still offer Daggerfall for free?

A while back, Bethesda allowed free downloads of Daggerfall from the official website for The Elder Scrolls. However, the old website has been removed for Skyrim promotion and the page for Daggerfall ...
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