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Questions tagged [the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim]

A fantasy action RPG from 2011 by Bethesda Game Studios. If your question is about the Dawnguard, Hearthfire, or Dragonborn DLCs, then use this tag in conjunction with the related DLC tags: [skyrim-dawnguard], [skyrim-hearthfire], or [skyrim-dragonborn].

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5 answers

My head keeps falling off. What can I do?

I have an… unusual problem. What? How'd it happen? No, no, that isn't impor— Okay, fine. It might have something to do with the tim command, a bandit chieftan, and an accident with an ebony ...
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4 answers

Is a horse actually faster than running?

I'm pretty disappointed with my horse. He wasn't cheap -- 1000g -- but he just doesn't seem that fast. To make things worse, he's a bit of a wolf magnet and every time I get attacked I have to ...
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158 votes
8 answers

What can I do with Dragon Bones and Scales?

I've started slaying dragons (like all good Dohvakiin must), and with each beastie I down, I'm getting close to 200 lbs of loot, mostly in the form of Dragon Bones and Scales. These two items are high ...
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150 votes
7 answers

Are the Draugr apologizing to me?

Draugr sometimes say "Unstaad Krosis" when attacking. I understand that means "many apologies" in dragon tongue (convo with Paarthurnax). Does this hint that they are doing something against their ...
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149 votes
8 answers

In Skyrim, what is the point of placing items into other people's inventories (reverse pick-pocketing)?

So in pick-pocketing, you have the option to steal from somebody's inventory, and/or place something into it. Outside of leveling exploits and quests, what function does placing actually have? Can you ...
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147 votes
15 answers

How do I increase the maximum amount of weight my character can carry before they become encumbered?

In Skyrim, as with most RPGs, I find myself overwhelmed by a compulsive desire to obtain all of the things. All of them. To this end, I wound up picking up five iron warhammers...only to find out that ...
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146 votes
3 answers

Can I give the naked stalking courier his clothes back?

The courier who frequently delivers you letters to start quest chains got killed outside of Riften by the guards. Not wanting to let a perfectly good dead body go to waste I decided to loot it, ...
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137 votes
8 answers

How do I find my follower if and when they leave me?

I had parked my follower at an inn with a bunch of valuable items that I didn't want to carry. I guess I have been out a bit too long as this message appears: Your follower tires of waiting and ...
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137 votes
2 answers

Uhh... I got drunk and trashed a temple. How do I pick up the mess?

After getting shouted at rather intensely by four old guys on the top of a "7000 steps" tall mountain, I decided it was time to go home to Whiterun and have a couple cups of mead. Fortunately I ...
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126 votes
8 answers

How does Skyrim determine if a dungeon is "cleared"?

Skyrim adds an awesome feature, that lets you know if you have cleared a dungeon or not. This saves a lot of time and effort, because you do not have to revisit every dungeon you have been through ...
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114 votes
10 answers

Where can I safely store my stuff?

I'd like to find a place to store stuff while I'm out adventuring, without spending 5000 on a house (at least, until I can afford that...). Where can I safely store items without worrying about them ...
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110 votes
27 answers

How do I make money efficiently?

In Oblivion, I had two favorite money-makers: Dump all my stuff except some basic armor and potions, and raid an oblivion tower. The armor and weapons was worth lots, and selling it in Anvil made a ...
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109 votes
2 answers

How do enemies and monsters level up?

I remember that Oblivion implemented a behavior that level up monsters and enemies at the same time as main character. How does it work in Skyrim? Is this behavior still partially or totally present?
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109 votes
2 answers

Can I permanently kill important people?

In Morrowind, it was possible to permanently kill NPCs who were involved in the main story. This would result in a message basically informing you that you had broken the world and to reload a save ...
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108 votes
4 answers

Is there any reason for me to sleep?

In Oblivion I'd sleep to level up, but that's no longer necessary. Is there any benefit to sleeping in Skyrim? Will my character get tired?
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106 votes
5 answers

Why are my kids naked?

I was playing my old Hearthfire save in Skyrim when I've noticed that my kids were only wearing their underwear. I attempted to give them clothes, but they didn't do anything with them. Anyone ...
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99 votes
2 answers

How do I accept a Yield?

I was fighting bandits in the sewers when one of them went into a "cower" animation, and began screaming about how he had given up. Given that I found his terror endearing, I deigned to spare him. I ...
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98 votes
6 answers

Is there locational damage in Skyrim?

In Skyrim, will striking an enemy in certain areas do more damage (e.g: headshots = x2), or produce any other effects, such as stunning/crippling? I understand that sneak shots do more damage, and ...
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1 answer

What is this dimly lit dungeon filled with corpses I moved to via the console?

My character in Skyrim is a terrible smither who unbelievably still killed Alduin. But now repenting for his inexperience, he wants to learn from the best, Eorlund Gray-Mane. But having searched far ...
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82 votes
1 answer

Is it a bad idea to take drugs?

In Skyrim there are a few drugs and alcoholic beverages and I couldn't really figure out whether or not there are big disadvantages. I always rely on my own potions because I'm not sure about the side ...
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80 votes
4 answers

How do I know if an NPC is hostile?

When I see an NPC from a distance I'm uncertain of whether or not they will attack me on sight. What I've done up until now is save the game, go up to them, and if they're hostile I'll re-load my save ...
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76 votes
1 answer

How can I stop NPCs from picking up my dropped items?

I would like to decorate my home in Skyrim (Blackthorn manor, from the Blackthorn mod). I have one problem though: if I drop anything when a follower or my steward is nearby, they pick it up and give ...
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71 votes
3 answers

Why do people look at me sometimes and make remarks that I should sleep, or that I look ill?

I just created my new character 2 hours ago and I've reached a town. Sometimes random guards will comment that I look ill, or that I should rest. "You look sick, honey. Do you want to lie down?", isn'...
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70 votes
7 answers

How much can my follower carry?

Basically, I want to dump everything on my follower as I'm traveling around to free up my own inventory space. I want to know how much he/she can carry. Is it a mirror of my own weight limit? Are ...
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68 votes
9 answers

Is Skyrim kid friendly?

I've heard much about Skyrim, and as I'm going to get an X-Box for Christmas, I'm taking a look at various games to see what might be of interest. I have 3 kids, ages 8-12, and I'm wondering about the ...
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68 votes
1 answer

How does invisibility work in Skyrim?

So there I am, with nothing but my dagger and 4 enduring invisibility potions, all I need to do is sneak in, and out of the Thalmor Embassy. Easy, right? Or so I think. After I cause a distraction and ...
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68 votes
3 answers

Where are the save files in Skyrim?

I can't find those that I need to delete. What's the location of those files? How can we manage them?
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67 votes
1 answer

What do the different symbols on the map represent?

As I slowly explore the enormous world of Skyrim, I see all sorts of different symbols appear on my compass. I know they indicate that I should go in that direction to find something, and that the ...
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65 votes
3 answers

How do I restore the glory of the Thieves Guild?

One of the achievements for the Thieves Guild says "Restore the Thieves Guild to its former glory." Brynjolf doesn't say anything to me, I can't seem to find Karliah, and as far as I can tell, I am ...
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64 votes
2 answers

What do these triangles in my inventory mean?

Having just looted my very first spoils of war, I notice that some of the items I've picked up have small, upward-pointing triangles next to their names. So far, the triangles are appearing next to ...
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64 votes
3 answers

How large is Skyrim?

I was wondering, if I were to run around in a world like this, how much I would need from one corner of Skyrim to the other far diagonal corner end to the other in kilometers/miles. There is already ...
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64 votes
2 answers

How do I un-nock an arrow?

If I have already drawn my bow, is there any way I can un-nock the arrow so I don't waste it? I don't like my current method of firing into the ground right in front of me. Safety first.
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64 votes
5 answers

What merchant has the most gold?

Who can I sell to that has boatloads of cash? Ideally they'll be easily accessible by fast travel and will buy the most different types of items, but a rich type-specific merchant will work too.
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62 votes
11 answers

Who's telling the truth? Saadia or Kematu?

In the quest: "In my Time of Need" Saadia claims: "I am a noble of House Suda in Hammerfell." "The Alik'r are assassins in the employ of the Aldmeri Dominion." Kematu claims: Saadia is known for ...
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62 votes
15 answers

What is an effective way to level Archery?

Furthermore, how does Archery level? Does every successful hit on an enemy reward me with a set amount of experience, or does damage dealt also play a role? Also, do I receive any experience for a ...
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61 votes
1 answer

What do these symbols mean?

I'm seeing these symbols everywhere. Merchant stalls, houses, etc. What do they represent? Are there more? Note: These are not unique to these locations. I have found the 4th symbol the most. On ...
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60 votes
9 answers

Is there a definitive 'Best Weapon' for each weapon type in Skyrim?

So I was wandering up to the forge in Whiterun with my Ebony Ingots, Daedra Heart and other assorted bits and pieces in hand. I started to go through the process of smithing out my lovely new one-...
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60 votes
9 answers

Do I level up a spell faster by casting often or by casting longer?

I noticed that many spells can be charged, e.g. the Sparks spell I got in the beginning can be cast continuously until I'm either out of magicka or the target is dead. As you level up your skills ...
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59 votes
4 answers

What are the advantages/disadvantages of each race?

When you choose your race in game there is a only short description of bonus given by that race. Where can I find a full list of bonus/malus of each race playable in Skyrim?
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59 votes
14 answers

What determines when you do a finishing move?

Sometimes, when fighting an enemy, your character will do a special move, with a third person view animation, instantly killing the enemy. But these types of moves seem to be random, sometimes being ...
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58 votes
13 answers

What is an effective way to level smithing?

Leveling smithing to 100 seems like a difficult task. Is it more effective to craft cheap things such as iron daggers, or to craft expensive items such as Elven weapons?
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58 votes
6 answers

What's the level cap in Skyrim?

In Oblivion, the way the game worked, the max level possible was based solely on your choices for primary skills, and could vary anywhere from between 45 and 53 (with soft-caps at 29 and 35 in terms ...
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58 votes
10 answers

Are there disadvantages to wearing armor as a mage casting spells?

There are mage robes in the game that give bonuses that are very useful to mages, like magicka regeneration. But currently I'm running around in armor, as a robe doesn't really protect me much if a ...
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58 votes
2 answers

What is the effect of one point of block skill?

I have been unable to find the exact value of one point of blocking. The unofficial Elder Scrolls pages and other wikis do not list a value for blocking. As an example, for heavy armor one point adds ...
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56 votes
9 answers

How do I get rid of my bounty?

I accidentally killed a noble, now every guard wants to kill me. Is there any way I can get rid of the bounty?
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2 answers

Grelka. Light of my life. Fire of my loins. My sin, My soul. Why the hell won't you marry me?

Grelka is a comely nord lass from the city of Riften. She dreams of leaving Skyrim, demands your money in the gruffest manner possible, sells and offers training in the use of Light Armor, buys a ...
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55 votes
14 answers

Are any Skyrim characters carried over from Oblivion or earlier?

So, I just realized the other day that Babette is 300 years old. While this is a fact that's been established to me a few times throughout my gameplay by now, I just now realized exactly what sort of ...
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54 votes
10 answers

Why are my enchanted items worth less and less?

I've been trying my hand at smithing and producing loads of iron daggers. Those alone are unfortunately not really worth anything, so I decided to enchant them. With a damage stamina enchantment the ...
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53 votes
3 answers

Does "Arrow to the Knee" truly signify marriage?

The Skyrim Wiki Forum's user Stabslash says, under What "Arrow to the Knee" Really Means: When the guards in Skyrim talk, you will often hear them saying the famous saying, "I used to ...
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52 votes
2 answers

How do I remove arrows stuck in my body?

While traveling down a wintry road, I encountered a man of fine tastes. I can tell this by his great dedication to the improvement of my countenance, evidenced by the several fine body piercings he ...
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