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Shouldn't this character be infected in The Last of Us II?

In The Last of Us Part II there are two separated fights between the two main characters: During the first fight, there's a cut scene where From what I understand, Ellie is technically infected, as ...
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Is this a common occurrence in TLOU2?

Near the start of the game, something happens gameplay wise, specifically; Does this happen often and does it make up a significant part of the game? I guess like most people, I just want to make ...
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4 votes
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Does Ellie got a magic 'Were done here' sense?

Last of us 2 is, in parts, an open world game. When you go check out a location, Ellie seems to have a magic sense that she got everything she needed in that location. Usually this UI is completely ...
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Are there any second chances to get new equipment in The Last of Us Part 2?

My wife and I are both playing The Last of Us Part 2, each with our own profile, effectively taking turns. We're also enjoying watching the other play, so we're sort of taking turns spoiling one ...
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