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Questions tagged [the-oregon-trail]

This tag is for the 1990 version of an educational simulation game that was used in schools to teach students about the harsh realities of the Oregon Trail. The game was originally adapted for the Apple II computer.

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AppleArcade The Oregon Trail: What does wagon grease do?

In the AppleArcade version of the Oregon Trail, the purpose of wagon grease is described as increasing the wagon's resistance to damage. When used, the wagon glows green for a moment with some + ...
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Is The Oregon Trail randomized?

I have never played The Oregon Trail before, but I'm wondering whether the path and events are pre-defined or random. For example, does doing the same action at the same point always result in the ...
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What are the differences between different versions of the original Oregon Trail?

From Wikipedia, we can see that there are at least 3 versions of the original Oregon Trail: The Oregon Trail The Oregon Trail 1.2 The Oregon Trail Deluxe What are the differences between the ...
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How to successfully cross a river without using money

The title sums it up. I have tried fording 4 foot deep rivers, thinking my wagon and oxen would be tall enough not to drown. I have never forded successfully. My party members always drown or I ...
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Complete list of ways you could die in Oregon Trail?

Wikipedia gives the following (partial?) list: ...die from various causes, such as measles, snakebite, dysentery, typhoid, cholera, and exhaustion. People could also die from drowning or a ...
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In The Oregon Trail on Apple II / Mac, what is clothing for?

The last version of The Oregon Trail I played had the farmer as the biggest multiplier (pre-teacher) and had graphical hunting. This was on the Apple II. Except for the ability to trade (and ...
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Which version of The Oregon Trail is this?

When my family got our first computer (in 1997) we got a copy of The Oregon Trail and became something of a family meme. Now, I'm trying to find out which version we had. The list below from Wikipedia ...
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Why has the game "Oregon Trail" remained nostalgically popular for so many in the US? [closed]

I am somewhat in awe of the nostalgic popularity of the game Oregon Trail. Why did this game become so embedded in the cultural psyche of several generations in the US?
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