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a 2006 first-person shooter PC game developed by Outerlight using Valve Corporation's Source engine

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Users cannot connect to The Ship dedicated server

I am attempting to run a dedicated server for The Ship on my Ubuntu VPS. The server seems to start and run just fine, but nobody can connect to it - any attempts simply result in a timeout. To start ...
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The Ship Source Dedicated Server not starting

I am trying to run a srcds for The Ship game from Linux (Debian v8). It is downloaded and all the files seem to be there, but whenever I try to run ~/servers/ship/srcds_run -game ~/servers/ship/ship +...
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Hosting a Linux Dedicated Server for "The Ship"

I cannot get a dedicated server for The Ship (AppID 2403) to run on a linux box using steamcmd. I have followed this guide. The steps listed complete successfully. Then, I run ./srcds_run -game ship ...
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How can I set up a The Ship server?

As I stated in the title, how can I set up a server for The Ship? I've searched everywhere and can't seem to find guides of any kind anywhere. There's some basic guides on how to set up a steamcmd ...
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In what ways can you heal yourself?

If you go to the infirmary it seems like all you can do is talk to the doctors and not actually get any health back. Is there a way to heal or do you just have to deal with low health until you die?
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