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A sandbox simulation game developed by Maxis games.

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4 answers

Do my sims have to work every single day?

After having played the Sims 2 and 3, I've come back to the Sims 1 (my main computer broke). One thing has been bothering me a lot: my sims never seem to have a day off—it's never weekend! Am I ...
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4 answers

What are the advantages of napping?

Napping doesn't replenish energy as well as sleeping in a bed. --The Sims Wiki Why would I ever want my Sims to nap instead of sleep? Was this added for realism or does it have any actual use?
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3 answers

Sims 3 is too slow and always crashes

I have a desktop computer whose CPU is Core i5-2500 @3.3GHz, Graphic card is NVIDIA Quadro 600. It has 8GB RAM but only 3.24GB usable because the OS is 32bit Windows 7. Is my system not enough to ...
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2 answers

My Sim is utterly unlovable, how can I make him more likeable?

I'm playing the original The Sims game, albiet the Complete Collection version. I've created a family consisting of a single Sim, with the following traits: Neat: 10/10 Outgoing: 4/10 Active: 4/10 ...
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How can I migrate The Sims 3 Expansion Packs and Stuff Packs games from my old laptop to a new computer?

I am writing to you this message because I need some help regarding The Sims 3 and its EP and SP installation. I own all of the EPs and SPs of the Sims 3 game and I actually have the original ...
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3 votes
1 answer

What jobs are in the Mime (reskinned Criminal) career track in the mainland China release?

In original American version of the Sims 1, your characters could choose a criminal career path, and could be promoted through ten jobs from pickpocket to criminal mastermind. According to a list of ...
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1 answer

How to get extra everyday clothing?

Is there any way for my sims to buy extra clothing for everyday? I SWEAR there was a way to do it, but I can't remember how. It seems like all I can get is swimwear, formal, high fashion, and jammies.
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What happens if two breeds of dogs have puppies?

What happens if you mixed let's say a golden retriever with a greyhound? Will they mix or come out as a golden retriever OR a greyhound?
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2 answers

What is the best strategy to increasing room score outdoors?

So, my sims lose all of their room score when they go outside, to places such as work. What can I do to combat this problem? This is with the original Sims game, with all of the expansions.
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NPCs Can't Come to My House (e.g. Invited Guests, Newspaper, Mail, Police...)

I've played the game many times but I've never came across this specific bug... What happens is, after you call someone (e.g. a person from another family, police), they disappear from the phone ...
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1 answer

Calling neighbours issue?

Whenever I try to call a neighbour I almost always get yelled at and they hang up immediately.I'm not calling them late in the night. What am I doing wrong?
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1 answer

Can you write your own review on a resort in Sims 3 Island Paradise?

I run my own resort in the Sims 3 Island Paradise expansion. And I must admit, the reviews really help my resort mold into the resort it is. Anyway, the people or sims that submit these reviews seem ...
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How do I use lots I've downloaded on TSR? [closed]

I've downloaded so many lots to use from TSR but I cannot figure out how to use any of them! Help please?
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2 answers

What's the easiest way of getting Magic Coins in The Sims: Makin' Magic?

I want a house in the magic quarters. What's the easiest way of getting Magic Coins, including cheat codes?
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2 answers

Sims city Minimizing the tab

I know how to get it off full screen mode and on to tab mode but then its to long so I can't access some of the controls, how can I minimize the tab so that it fits, i'm going to record it for a ...
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1 answer

How can I get past 3.5 stars in The Sims 1, super star EP

In The Sims 1, there's an expansion pack where you can be a star. And no matter what you do, you can never get past the 3.5 star points. I always get stuck at the photo sessions level. And the ...
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