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The first addon/paid DLC for The Witcher 3.

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Witcher 3 New Game + option is greyed out

I just finished the main storyline in Witcher 3 on my Xbox One. Then I purchased the DLC pass that has both Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. I loaded my game from after completing the story line. I ...
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Playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's Gwent only

I want to play all Gwent matches in The Witcher 3 without going through the whole game. Is this possible? The expansions and the DLCs have introduced lots of new cards and matches so I was wondering ...
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How to get the circus troupe merchant to show up?

I'm trying to round out my early game Gwent deck. According to multiple sources, there should be a Circus troupe encampment northwest of Carsten, west of the Vegelbud estate. There I want to find this ...
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Can the Velen "Place of Power" be accessed from the expansion DLC in Witcher 3?

I've been trying to access the underground Place of Power shown in this question: Where is the entry to the underground place of power in Velen? But there is a large door blocking my access to the ...
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Any other use for the Starry Night painting in Witcher 3?

In the HoS quest "Open Sesame" for Witcher 3, you can convince the art snob that you're a fellow connoisseur and thereafter bid on a painting by artist "Van Rogh". You can then resell it for profit to ...
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Is there lock-out content in the Witcher 3 expansions e.g. due to completion of the main questline of the expansion?

Please keep your answer spoiler free, I am curious if there is any lock-out content when you progress a certain amount. For example can you get locked out of side quests and content by progressing ...
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16 votes
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What does this 'Bottomless Carafe' do?

During my travels in The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone expansion pack, I came into possession this little item called the 'Bottomless Carafe'. It's description reads: "Provides an endless supply of ...
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The Witcher 3 Heart of Stone Auction

In the Witcher 3 Addon Heart of Stone you can buy different items in an auction. I remember the Is there any point in buying any of the items? Will some of them have an outcome?
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How do I get my chest armor back?

I just started the Heart of Stones quest line in New Game+, and after and when landing ashore I lost my chest armor. It was a fully upgraded and master crafted Witcher's armor, so I am quite fond of ...
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