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This War of Mine (2014) is a survival game developed and published by 11 bit studios, inspired by the 1992-1996 Siege of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War. Unlike typical war games, this game places the player in the shoes of the civilians suffering through the war. It was originally released for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux in 2014, ported to Android and iOS in 2015, then later ported to PS4 and Xbox One in 2016.

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4 votes
1 answer

What language is used in This War of Mine?

Though inspired by Bosnian War, the city of Pogoren in This War of Mine is fictional. But the radio announcements in cutscenes from Last Broadcast DLC sound like some real language to me: ...
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What are the benefits of closing doors inside my shelter?

I can close doors in my shelter but I don't know if there are any advantages in it. Closing doors in other locations have obvious benefits for stealth gameplay. Do closed doors help with heating or ...
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Are locations random?

With 'Pavle, Bruno, Marko' story, my playthrough got messed up because Garage never showed up. Are locations completely random and if so, would Garage show up eventually?
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Soldier doesn't move in Military Outpost at This War Of Mine

I've tried several times to loot military outpost, but every time the soldier you can trade with stays in one place and never goes inside outpost. Is it a bug or just RNG problems? I tried running ...
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This war of mine will not load (linux)

I am attempting to play This War Of Mine through steam on Ubuntu 15.04. However, once I launch the game, it makes it to the loading screen and will not go any farther. I am not getting any useful ...
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Is NPC death permanent?

If I kill NPCs when out scavanging, will they stay dead? If so, is this the case every time, with every location? If there are examples to the contrary of the general case, what would those be? As an ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Do NPCs forget their hostility towards you if they initially were neutral?

I visited a place where they caught me stealing, and one of the NPCs ran after me with a gun, attempting to shoot me. I got away. Now this is my problem. If I revisit, will they still be mad at me? ...
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How to use items?

How to use meds or burn books to heat up the house ? I cannot find how to use the items in my inventory, when opening the inventory everything is grayed out.
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When can I safely skip to the "end of day"

In This War Of Mine, you can skip to the "end of the day" if you want. However, sometimes there are random events (trader, people asking for help, people joining your shelter, people giving free ...
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If a character returns early from night scavenging, is that character better rested?

When characters are out scavenging at night, one can usually send them home early. Which makes sense, once the characters' packs are full and you've obtained any accessible desired items. On the ...
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1 answer

Do I still need to assign one person to guard when I have a reinforced door?

I could finally spare the resources to build a reinforced door. Since it has an alarm system, do I still need to assign someone to guard duty at night? It would be nice to have an extra person sleep ...
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13 votes
1 answer

What do chairs do?

I haven't quite grasped the purpose of chairs. Your survivors will sit on them from time to time when idling, but what is the benefit? Do they reduce stress? Is there any point in actively sending ...
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