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Tibia (1997) is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by ClipSoft for Adobe Flash, Windows PC, Mac OS, and Linux.

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Dawnport Testing Vocations

If I'm in Dawnport and I am testing as a vocation (e.g. Knight). If I reach level 9 do I gain the stats upon leveling that the vocation I'm testing would gain (e.g. additional capacity) or do I gain ...
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Hunting or normal spears for hunting low level creatures

What's the most cost effective for hunting with a paladin in Tibia? I often hunt in the Venore Salamander cave to the west of the south exit. I'm currently using normal spears, but would it be better ...
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How to solo-hunt demons as a Level 220+ Royal Paladin and make a profit?

In Tibia, is it possible to solo-hunt demons as a Level 220+ Royal Paladin while still making a profit from the hunt? I remember trying this in Goroma, but there is such a huge spawn of demons there ...
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What happens if a vocation wears equipment for another vocation?

Let's see if there are any other Tibia players on Gaming SE! A few updates ago equipment went from being universal to being vocation-specific. For example, Knight Legs can now only be used by ...