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To the Moon is a role-playing adventure game by Kan "Reives" Gao developed and published by Freebird Games.

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How do I find the last memory link?

I'm stuck on the memory where Johnny is just a boy, when his grandma call him "Joey". I already got 4 from the 5 links, but the red one I can't find.
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What condition did River have in To the Moon?

Throughout To the Moon, Eva and Neil mention that River had a certain condition that causes someone to answer questions literally (that's how I took it but it probably had another effect). What ...
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What genre do games like 'Dear Esther', 'To the Moon', or 'Gone Home' fall under?

Is there a name for games like these, with minimal interaction and no branches in the story? I've seen the term "interactive fiction" around but I'm not sure if it fits.
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Does it matter if I activate mementos in the ideal number of moves?

Throughout the game, you're asked to complete various memento puzzles. The game keeps track of the amount of moves it takes you to complete a single puzzle and shows an Ideal score. It apparently ...
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Do choices affect the story?

There are several points where you have to make small choices in To The Moon, notably at the beginning when you have to chose between the two characters. Does that choice affect the game a lot? I ...
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How can I increase To The Moon's default resolution?

I recently picked up To The Moon while it was on sale on Steam. After owning it for a week and not touching it, I finally decided to fire it up and see how it was. To my dismay, the window was tiny! ...
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What was going on with Watts at the very end?

Am I reading into it too much? Or is this alluding to the possibility of Watts and Rosalene's "real world" as being simply another "world of memories"? Were there some other clues dropped pointing ...
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