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Train brake specifics for easy/medium/hard settings in Canadian Mountain Passes (GE ES44AC)?

This is about the train brake subsystem modeled for the GE ES44AC in the Canadian Mountain Passes route for Train Simulator 2015. Proceeding from Field to Lake Louise hauling a heavy consist uphill (...
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Get up to full speed

I'm doing the scenario "In a hurry" on TS2015 but can't get the train above 102 MPH meaning I'm already late by the time I get to the first stop. I've seen videos of people getting up more speed than ...
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In Train Simulator 2015, is there a way to use SI units?

In Train Simulator 2015 (TS2015), is there a way to use the International System of Units (SI) instead of the Imperial units? This option does not seem available from the menus and options.
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