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Trials Fusion is a platform racing game created by RedLynx in collaboration with Ubisoft Shanghai and Ubisoft Ukraine.

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How do I prevent physics glitches in Trials Fusion?

The ragdoll physics in Trials Fusion isn't so well-developed. I often encounter extreme glitches in user-created tracks. When the bike falls from a high place, the rider sometimes glitches through the ...
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Can user tracks be played offline?

Both games have a built-in level editor and created tracks can be shared via an in-game interface. Is online connection mandatory for browsing and playing downloaded levels (assuming that the levels ...
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How do you install the Season Pass for Trials: Fusion on Steam?

I've right clicked on the game in steam, but I didn't see an install option, nor did I see it in the DLC section. The game told me I had to purchase it when I went to addition content, but Steam told ...
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Do the bike upgrades affect performance?

In Trials Fusion, do the upgrades made to a bike (body and/or wheels) affect performance at all, or are all the upgrades just purely cosmetic? There is the ability to buy new wheels and bodies, but it'...
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How do I do a Big Air?

In a Trials Fusion Big Air Skill Game, how do you make a good big air? I can't seem to make it over the hump of the big hill and am ending up in the 20-40 meter range which isn't even good enough for ...
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