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How to save custom levels in Ultimate Chicken Horse?

I'm stuck in the level builder in Ultimate Chicken Horse. I can only press Y to build, or B to play through the level to test it. I see absolutely no way to get to a Save Menu of any kind, but I've ...
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Can I delete Ultimate Chicken Horse without losing all my progress?

Can I delete Ultimate Chicken Horse without losing all of my progress? Sometimes when I click on an online match my game freezes and crashes. I thought deleting it would work. I play on Xbox One.
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How do I load Ultimate Chicken Horse save data on PS4?

I got Ultimate Chicken Horse a long while ago and I've got a bit of a problem. I don't know how to load the save data! I've played this game a lot with my brother but every time we start up the game ...
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Can I save the collectively created level in Ultimate Chicken Horse? How?

In the game Ultimate Chicken Horse in Party mode you and your 3 additional local players create a hard to pass level. The level evolves with each round as each player puts new pieces into it and ...
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Where is the save data?

I'm having some steam sync problems, and I wanted to investigate manually moving my save data. I can't find it on either my OSX computer nor my Windows computer. Where is the save data?
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