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What changes on Easy Mode?

The options for Undertale Yellow includes an Easy Mode setting. What changes when Easy Mode is enabled?
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How do I get back to the Dunes after entering the Steamworks on the Genocide Route?

I am doing a Genocide Route run of Undertale Yellow. After finishing the Dunes and entering the Steamworks, I realized I had accidentally missed an item that would help with the final boss. I tried ...
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0 answers

Which deals damage faster: regular shot or charge shot?

On the final boss of Undertale Yellow's Genocide Route, you have access to a regular shot by pressing the fire button or a charge shot by holding it. Which deals damage faster over time?
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1 answer

Is it possible to beat the neutral ending boss?

I reached what is presumably the boss of Undertale Yellow's neutral route: Is it possible to win this fight?
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Why do I sometimes get a free hit?

Late into my playthrough of Undertale Yellow, a yellow diamond occasionally started appearing around my heart during battles. Afterwards my heart would start flashing until I took a hit. Instead of ...