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a donkey-kong-like browser-based game by Stack Exchange for April Fools 2016. Players control Jon Skeet, a prolific Stack Overflow user, collecting diamonds and badges to earn points whilst dodging downvotes from an evil unicorn.

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Can I still play Unikong?

April fools is over, but I still need my unicorn fix. Is there a way I can still play Unikong?
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Where can I get the "Secret" Unikong music? [closed]

I'm no stranger to secret codes. You know the inputs and so do I. A full download would be all right. You wouldn't get this from any other site. I just wanna find out how to get it. Gotta make it my ...
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Who do the top scores refer to?

The top scoring players in Unikong can be (scores omitted as they don't seem relevant): "JON", "RAR", "GBE", "KBR", "GBR", "JBU", "MCE", "JCH", "BCO", "OCO", "NCR", "GDA", "JDI", "BDU", "YEL", "AGA"...
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Can I unlock any badges on the Stack Exchange network by playing Unikong?

Are there any badges on the Stack Exchange network that are unlocked by playing, or are otherwise related to, Unikong?
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Is the Konami code for Unikong inaccurate?

Unikong supports the Konami code entered as: ↑-↑-↓-↓-←-→-←-→-B-A-Enter My own memory of entering the code was that the code was: ↑-↑-↓-↓-←-→-←-→-B-A-B-A-[Select+Start] Was the classic Konami code ...
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Can I win in Unikong?

Every three levels it says that I have won (after I unlock the chest), but can I actually win or does the game have an infinite number of levels?
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Can I ride the unicorn? If not, can I kill the unicorn?

I'd like to ride the unicorn as pictured both in the ad on the right as well as in the game main menu: The unicorn seems to be an unkillable monster and I am unable to defeat it; I have to either ...
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