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A 2019 stealth puzzle, developed by House House for the PC, macOS and Nintendo Switch. It is a game where you control a goose where it bothers the inhabitants of an unnamed English Village.

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Untitled goose game - no more pint glasses

At the Pub in Untitled Goose Game there is a task to steal a pint glass and drop it in the canal. This is somewhat tricky because the pint glass is easily broken. After attempting several times, all ...
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Can I play Untitled Goose Game on a MacBook Pro without a mouse?

Will I be able to enjoyably play Untitled Goose Game on a 13” MacBook Pro, especially given that I don’t have a mouse, and no external keyboard? Or are there some controls that either require the ...
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Where do I find a toothbrush?

For the "Go Shopping" objective I need to collect a toothbrush, but I can't seem to find one. I assume it would be in the little shop, but it doesn't seem to be. Where can I find the toothbrush to ...
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How do I break the broom in Untitled Goose Game?

In Untitled Goose Game, the second area (with the shops) has the To-Do list item to break the broom that the shopkeeper is holding. How do I do that? I've tried dragging it underneath the garage door ...
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