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A tactical shooter developed and published by Riot Games that was released on June 2nd, 2020. Set in a near-future Earth, you team up with 4 other players against 5 enemies in a deathmatch. Creativity is your greatest weapon.

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Now that LoL / Valorant is added to Gamepass, how can I redeem their benefit without installing it from Microsoft store?

Title. If the user is Game pass user, user can receive every champions and agents (Source). Now, it seems to be requiring me to install LoL / Valorant via Microsoft Store. How to Access Your Benefits:...
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Why my game crashes when I open Agent Contract page in Valorant?

I am facing an issue with my Valorant game for about 2 months now. Whenever I open agent contract page in Valorant, it crashes. At first, the contract for Omen was activated, and I thought its only ...
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Why is skill-based matchmaking so hard for studios to get right? [closed]

TLDR; I am trying to understand why skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) is done so poorly. Particularly, if game studios just accept it is bad, or are there technical hurdles that need to be solved? Longer ...
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Is it impossible to be a certain rank, say, Gold 3, without having won or drawn against an opposing team where at least 1 player was at least Gold 2?

Note 1: I think this question is the same for csgo or valorant, but if you want I can double ask this question, 1 for each game. It'll have the same answers anyway I believe. Up to you. To avoid such ...
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I deleted VALORANT off my laptop will it delete off my PC?

I deleted VALORANT off my laptop and my microsoft accounts are linked between my laptop and PC. Will it delete off both devices?
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Why didn't I get the stats e-mail from Riot Games?

So Riot Games mailed the stats of every Valorant player today. But I got no mail. What are the possible reasons for this? And is there any way to request my stats? Or can I just check them in the game?...
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Are all agents identical except for their abilities?

I'd like to know if there is any difference between the agents when ignoring their abilities. Do all agents for example have the same movement speed while running or walking or jumping? Identical ...
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Valorant Install Size

How many GB does Valorant need for installation? Google claims 7.3GB but that appears to be the download size, not the install size. On install size is not stated....
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Can't Create Riot Account

As the title states, I tried to create a riot games account to play Valorant. But when I head to valorant's website, it gets stuck after I enter my password. I tried refreshing the page 5 times and ...
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Valorant shows no internet connection

I tried to install Valorant but installer shows not able to connect to internet, I have checked the connection and it works fine with others. When I use VPN service it works fine. So I installed it ...
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Can Cypher trapwires be destroyed from either side?

When placing trapwires with Cypher in Valorant does it matter which side you place on? Consider a hallway, and placing the trapwire across it. If placed on the left side of the wall, the trap will ...
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Is there a damage reduction for friendly fire on Valorant?

In Valorant you can damage your teammates (and take damage from them) using abilities (but not weapons). But it looks like friendly fire deals less damage (compared to the damage the enemies receive). ...
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Entering the Training Complex in Valorant Tutorial

I got stuck in the very beginning of Valorant tutorial. I managed to jump over a pile of rubbish and crouch under another to obtain a handgun. After this I don't know how to get forward. There is a ...
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In a custom lobby, is there a way to remove the round time limit?

There's loads you can change in a custom lobby. Infinite abilities, no cooldowns, infinite money, etc. So I like just trying some grenade throws see where they land, or bow beacon shots to see how I ...
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