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A turn-based tactics video game developed and published by Chucklefish. It was released for the Nintendo Switch, Windows and Xbox One on February 1, 2019. Use this tag when asking specific things like how certain mechanic work, how to solve a puzzle or the requirements for S rank in a certain mission. Do not use to ask opinion-based things, like "best strategy" or "which is cooler".

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Resume suspended map when verifying before share?

In Wargroove, you can share maps with the community, but first you have to click the "verify" button and beat the map, in order to prove that the map is in fact beatable. I made a very long ...
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Does it matter which way units are facing?

When I move a unit in Wargroove, its sprite will face left or right depending on the direction I last moved. Does the direction a unit is facing have an effect on gameplay? IE: Can a unit be ambushed ...
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How is your rank determined in the campaign?

Like Advanced Wars, after every mission in the campaign you are given a letter grade from E to S. Advanced Wars has a relatively simple formula for calculating points and rank, which can be cheesed (...