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Questions tagged [warhammer-vermintide]

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide is a 2015 first person shooter/slasher developed and published by Fatshark. First released on PC, it was later released to Xbox One and PS4 in 2016. Use this tag for either the console or PC versions of the game.

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What DLC has the most contracts on the bounty board?

I need to know because I need the most key contracts out of a day.
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How do I view my XP / level progression?

I can see my current player level in one or two locations (e.g. the party menu), but I can't figure out how to view my progression towards the next level. Is there a way to see my current XP amount ...
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How does the Hail of Doom weapon trait work on each of the Beam Staff's attack types?

A weapon with the Hail of Doom trait is described as: Each shot with this weapon has a 5.0 - 15.0% chance to split into 2 projectiles. Does this proc with each of the Beam Staff's different ...
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Can all players access the DLC levels?

The DLC levels (Schluesselschloss, Drachenfels, Karak Azgaraz, Stromdorf, Death on the Reik) can be accessed when invited by a Steam friend who owns the DLC (I have no experience with the console ...
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What time of day does the Bounty Board reset?

The bounty board cycles all quests and contracts on it once per day. Does anyone know what time that is?
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Can I get DLC weapons for DLC I own from the Shrine?

The wayfinder's Glaive weapon only drops in the Drachenfels DLC, which I own. Weapons can also be acquired by praying at the Shrine. If I pray for a wayfinder melee weapon at the Shrine, is it ...
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How do we kill Rat Ogres effectively?

Me and my compatriots have been tasked with helping to clean out the once great city of Ubersreik from a filthy horde of Skaven. We enjoy cleaving and shooting our way through these filthy creatures ...
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Is there a purpose to the room in the back of the inn?

While waiting for a game to start in the inn, you're free to run around. There is a small hallway under the staircase in the inn that leads to a door. Behind that door is this: In the picture you can ...
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Why can't we get the second tome on The Dungeons?

My friend and I were trying to get the achievement for getting all the tomes in the game. We were using this video guide to get the tomes: Now it appears that this ...
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What does the luck stat do in Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide?

In Vermintide, it's possible to acquire a trinket which increases your luck. The trinket reads: While equipped, your luck is increased by x% (Where x is the value) What exactly does increased ...
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Can you let computer play your character when you are away from the keyboard?

Is it possible to let the computer play your character in Warhammer: Vermintide like it was in L4D. I remember in L4D you could give control of your character to computer when you were going away. is ...
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Can the witch hunter fire with his melee weapon

In the game you have different classes, each of the classes has a melee weapon and a ranged weapon. Now the Witch hunter class starts off with a rapier as melee and pistols as ranged. If you block ...
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