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Is there a legitimate method for saving/restoring installed games on Wii after the shop is shut down in 2019?

Nintendo is planning on shutting down the Wii shop services in 2019. After March 2018, you can't buy points anymore, and after January 2019, the channel itself will cease working. This also means ...
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Some WiiWare titles will not play nor move from the SD card

I downloaded some WiiWare titles, and they worked just fine directly on the Wii. When I started running out of room, I moved some of these titles to a 2 gigabyte SD card. Upon trying to play them from ...
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Are all Wii WiiWare and Virtual Console games available on Wii U eShop?

Does the Wii U eShop contain all the WiiWare and Virtual Console games from Wii Shop Channel? Are there any such Wii games known to be specifically not compatible with the Wii U (e.g. with regard to ...
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Is there any way to transfer WiiWare and Virtual Console games to a new Wii?

I'm going to be moving in with my fiance soon, and he already owns a Wii. I'd like to be able to transfer my WiiWare and Virtual Console games over so that I can sell my old system and he won't have ...
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What are the extra features of Cave Story on the Wii? [duplicate]

I recently was told that Cave Story was ported to the Wii. It was an excellent game on the PC, the perfect match of excellent gameplay and story. The Wii version isn't just a straight port, is it? Are ...
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