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a mobile phone and app platform by Microsoft. This tag should be used for questions about Windows Phone specific issues with games, including but not limited to the digital distribution of games, in-game features, account management and settings.

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Pokémon on Windows Phone

Is there any way to play Pokémon Go on Windows 10 phone? I've found on ther internet that Microsoft looks a way to play it on Win 10. But I'll know if there is a way to play it.
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Steam mobile authenticator on a Windows phone

My question is essentially the title, can you get a mobile authenticator on a Windows phone? Also related do you need the app for the mobile authenticator? I can't find any information either way but ...
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Where is the graveyard in Sims Medieval?

While searching the web for potential sources of mushrooms in the game, I often come across references to the graveyard. I browsed around the map numerous times, but could not locate anything of that ...
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How do I prevent Tiny Death Star from crashing when trying to collect an imperial items reward?

I'm playing Tiny Death Star on Windows Phone. The game crashes whenever I tap 'collect reward' on the imperial items screen, thus causing the reward not being collected. In other words, it is ...
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2 votes
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Is Doodle God on Windows Phone different from other platforms, aside from the exclusive add-on?

After struggling for awhile in Doodle God on my Windows Phone, I finally gave in and started looking for walkthroughs. However, some of the formulas I've found in walkthroughs don't seem to work in my ...
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Can I transfer saved game data from one Windows phone to another?

I'm about to upgrade my Windows phone. Is there any way to transfer saved game data from one Windows phone to another or will I have to start from scratch for all of my games? Edit: Obviously, some ...
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Do achievements earned in Windows Phone game trials transfer to the paid version?

Some Windows Phone 7 games have limited Xbox Live integration, including Live achievements that add to your Gamerscore. Very commonly (always?), when the game has a trial or demo version, achievements ...
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4-in-a-row on Fruit Ninja WP7?

Other than just playing the game constantly, and hoping the game will randomly dish out four of the same fruit in a row, is there any way to influence the game to give out four pears in a row? I've ...
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