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a mobile OS by Microsoft, based on Windows 8 for touch-based devices. Questions should use this tag any time the game's platform may be relevant. This includes questions about the platform hardware/software itself (as it pertains to gaming) or when asking about the RT port of a multi-platform game

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3 votes
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Where are the Tiny Death Star files located on Windows Surface RT?

I had worked up to 74 levels on Tiny Death Star, but I opened it up yesterday and it was back to square one, everything gone. I reinstalled and now want to backup the data files. Where are they ...
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2 answers

Does the wired XBox 360 controller work with Surface 2

I'm looking at getting a gamepad for my Surface 2 running Windows RT. I would like to know if the wired XBox 360 controller works. All the stuff I've seen online shows the wireless one being used with ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Is the Xbox 360 controller compatible with RT games under Windows 8?

I don't have an Xbox however i am planning to buy a Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows 8 PC. As of now (and as per my RnD), current Xbox 360 controller is compatible with Surface RT and most ...
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