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A futuristic racing game for the PlayStation 3. Developed by Sony Studio Liverpool, it is the eighth installment in the Wipeout series.

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What's the difference in ships in Wipeout HD?

By default, you have two ships available for every team. One seems to 'outperform' the other on the stats screen. Why would you ever choose the one with lower stats? When unlocking my first ship, I ...
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Tips for the "Beat Zico" trophy

In Wipeout HD (PS3), the "Beat Zico" trophy is one of the hardest trophies I have ever tried to obtain! I'm doing all of the barrel rolls from this video to get the time needed: ...
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How to enable 3D in WipEout HD Fury Blu-Ray disc version

I'm trying to run WipEout HD Fury in 3D. I have the Blu-Ray disc version, a Samsung UE46C7000 series which has the 3D option - in facts I can easily play Killzone 3 with that option automatically ...
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Does Wipeout HD Fury (disc) support 3D?

I am one of those guys that prefer buying games on discs instead of getting them "virtually" from online stores. Thus I wanted to buy Wipeout HD Fury (PS3) on disc, but found some forums ...
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