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Wizards Unite is a location-based game based on the Harry Potter franchise. It is published by Niantic. It was open from 2019 to January 2022.

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How does defense stacking work?

How does defense stacking work? Suppose that I have 45% "Protego Power" and 44% "Defense" and I also have "Defense +30%" from the Protection Charm. (This seems to be the max possible for a Professor.)...
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How to maximize the distance recorded for Portmanteau unlocking

Compared to e.g. a fitness tracker running on the same phone, Wizards Unite only counts a fraction of the distance traveled towards unlocking Portmanteaus. I'd like to collect best practices on how ...
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What does the green halo around Wizarding Challenges means?

After completing a Wizarding Challenge, the fortress has a green halo around it for a few minutes. What does it means? Does it affect gameplay (like loot, difficulty...) in any way or is it just ...
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What are the rarities of each item dropping?

In Wizards Unite, I want to know what the drop chances are, so I can know which items to delete and which ones to keep. Does anyone know the drop chances or has tested it?
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How can I get better ratings when drawing spells?

In Wizards Unite, when we draw spells, there is a meter on the top of the screen. We can see if we got good, great, etc. I want to know, how is this score calculated? I think the time taken to draw ...
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What does the gold beam above a Foundable mean?

In Wizards Unite, there will occasionally be a gold beam that shoots from the Foundables that appear on the map. At first I thought it meant to be Foundable that I had not yet encountered before. ...
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Does the app detect walking (and unlock Portmanteaus) if screen lock is on?

Will walking be detected if the phone is locked? What if the phone is unlocked, but the App is not in the foreground? Answers for Pokemon suggest "No" for both questions.
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What's the difference between green and blue inns?

When plotting my walks I'm noticing there are multiple types of inns. Some have blue roofs, and some have green. There's no visual variation in other building types, so does this mean I can get ...
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How can I get more energy without spending coins?

In the new Harry Potter Wizards Unite game, I have a current max energy of 75, but I've used it all up. Is there a way to get more energy other than buying it with gold? Will it regenerate over ...
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What should I do after drawing spells?

After drawing a spell during an encounter, there's a circle that the spell seems to rotate around. Is there some kind of action expected with this, like tapping or holding it?
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