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2 votes
1 answer

Does installing a silencer affect damage?

Does installing a silencer lower damage, as it often does in games?
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1 vote
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Do I need to have Steam for Wolfenstein (2009) single player?

I am thinking about buying Wolfenstein (2009), but on the packaging I noticed that it says something about Steam. Do I also need Steam for single player mode? Basically I want to avoid Steam for ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Is Wolfenstein (2009) a sequel or a reboot?

Is the Wolfenstein game released in 2009 a sequel to the 2004 Return to Castle Wolfenstein, or a reboot? I cannot recall any references to the previous game in the 2009 game, although it does seem to ...
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2 votes
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Wolfenstein (2009) level skip

Anyone know how to skip levels in Wolfenstein? I lost my savegame and want to skip to the airship bit. I'm on a PC Thanks! edit: I found this, which basically looks like it adds savegames from all ...
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