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A 2017 remake of the 1989 platformer Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap. Lizardcube developed it and Dotemu published it. The original game was developed by Westone Bit Entertainment for the Master System as part of the Wonder Boy series. It came out for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in April 2017, for Windows in June 2017, for macOS & Linux in July 2017, for iOS & Android in May 2019, and for Amazon Luna in October 2020.

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Where is this area in Wonder Boy : The Dragons Trap from?

A few months ago, I was listening to the music from Wonder Boy The Dragons Trap on youtube. The video contained several screenshots from the game, but this one caught my attention: Having played the ...
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Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap PS4 Hard Mode Trophy?

What is actually required to clear Hard Mode for the trophy? I have beaten all the bosses including the final one. I didn't get the stones so is that required? I already did a playthrough on normal ...
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