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World in Conflict vs. World in Conflict: Soviet Assault

I recently bought World in Conflict on Steam during the Ubisoft sale. I'm not sure if I bought a special edition or something, but it came with World in Conflict: Soviet Assault. When I try to play ...
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Getting a trainer to work on a LAN server in World in Conflict : Soviet Assault?

So my friend and I got the latest version 1.011, and wanted to play a LAN game using a trainer for some extra fun. Problem is, only the admin/host can activate the trainer and play normally. While ...
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World in Conflict--are there still servers out there? [closed]

I recently played World in Conflict at a friend's house (single player), and I liked it a lot. It's not very expensive (complete edition is 19.99 now), but I don't want to buy it if there's nobody to ...
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