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The user interface for interacting with the Xbox 360 console.

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Xbox won't turn on after flashing

My Xbox was working properly but I had the older dashboard in my Xbox 360 E jtag. I installed the latest dashboard using Simple 360 Nand Flasher. As it reflashed, it turned the console off and now its ...
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How to choose save device for downloads on Xbox Live

When you start a download on Xbox Live from your console it will automatically download to the HDD(Hard drive). If there is no space on the drive, it allows you to choose a different storage device, ...
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Why is only the Zune app available on the Swedish Xbox 360 App Marketplace?

I installed the December 6th 2011 Xbox Dashboard update a few days ago. I wanted to install the YouTube App but when entering the App Marketplace I only get the Zune app listed. What's wrong? Is it ...
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Is it possible to copy video files to the XBOX 360 hard drive with the latest dashboard improvements?

With the advent of the 250Gb XBO 360 and the latest dashboard improvements it seems that movie files (such as .avi, .wmv, etc.) still can't be copied to the console's hard drive from an external drive,...
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Hide Xbox 360 Tiles

Is there any way to hide the tiles in the new XBOX 360S? The ones like Spotlight, Music Market Place etc. I dug through the settings but counldnt find any. I remember I could hide tiles on the old ...
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