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a Windows 10 & 11 window overlay application for capturing gameplay video and screenshots, performance/FPS monitoring, and access to Xbox online features such as chat and achievements. Use this tag for questions about features, functionality or troubleshooting when using the Xbox game bar.

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How to turn off the "Hey, look at that -- Points!" notifications from Xbox Game Bar?

Every once in a while on the PC, mostly when I start playing a game but sometimes if I'm not playing anything, I get a little popup from the Xbox Game Bar that says "Hey, look at that -- Points! ...
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Windows Xbox Game Bar won't record video on windows 11

I'm trying to use Win+G or Win+Alt+R to use the Xbox game bar to record my screen in Windows 11. I can open the game bar and the capture widget, but the button to record video (the little circle) is ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Recording via Xbox Game bar is not working on my computer

I am trying to record from the Xbox Game bar on my PC. I was recording, and it worked fine for a while, but recording became unavailable while I was currently recording, so I do not know where the ...
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How can I change normal Windows key bindings that use the Win key?

On Windows 10, by default, Win + G opens the Xbox Game Bar. How do I switch it so that instead, it opens the Xbox App?
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How can I prevent my Windows key from becoming "stuck" after taking an in-game screenshot or clip?

On a PC, I use the Xbox Game Bar screenshot and clip features often via their shortcut keys, WinAltg for a clip, WinAltPrntScrn for a screenshot. Note that I prefer Xbox Game Bar Screenshots because ...
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Windows 10 xbox game bar not recognizing game, and will not open

I'm playing Age of Empires 1 on Windows 10. When I press win+G, I get a dialog saying "do you want to open the game bar?" and a single button saying "yes, this is a game". I click it, and nothing ...
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